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Wasta in Arabic roughly translates to nepotism, the courses would provide the youth with the knowledge and tools to reach beyond that.

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Stakeholders Mapping

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Solution Positioning

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User Journey

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BeyondWasta started off as a university project done as part of a study group for OAM Consult. Later on, as part of OAM, I got to further refine the solution which was then pitched to their clients. The client was a Saudi NGO focused on youth development and philanthropic activities. They were proposed an extracurricular course for young people to better prepare them for future employment.

The application created is a digital solution to maintain engagement outside of the physical courses, but also reach to other stakeholders' needs. For parents and family it would provide a clear picture of their youths' progress within the courses. The private sector companies would get a chance to better connect and attract young talents through the apps' mentorship programme.