Hi, my name's Alex

I think a lot about tech, I get nerdy about design ethics and I'm pretty good at pushing vectors around

concept development | ux & service design

My approach to design is user-centric, but with a holistic view that also encompasses feasibility and viability in a given context. As a designer I like to create seamless and consistent experiences, weaved into a brand's story. As a concept developer and user researcher, I am fascinated by the organic relationship between users and the products or services they use and how they shape each other. Being an illustrator helps me better understand and visualise all of the above.


UX Design | User Research | Service Design | Digital Concept Development | Visual Identity | Graphic Material Development | Interface Design | Statistical Analysis | Data Visualisation & Infographics | Hand & Digital Illustration | Layout Design | Website Design | Prototyping | User Stories | Wireframing


Figma | Framer | Marvel | Illustrator | InDesign | Photoshop | After Effects | Lightroom | XD | R | Microsoft Office | HTML | CSS | Wordpress | Wix | InVision | Cinema 4D

If any of the above sparked your interest for collaboration or just want to have a chat

drop me line!