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Stakeholder mapping has helped lay out the ways in which each actor influences one another

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In order to ensure that OAM Consult, its clients and partners, are able to adapt to the changing climate of privacy and security, it was essential to develop a human-centred, sustainable advisory and consultancy service.

By actively involving all parties into the process, including the end-users – whether they are the employees of the client or their subject of activity. Involving them into the process maintains the right levels of transparency, which will foster their trust and ensure adoption of the measures.

The sustainability aspect of the service can be assumed through the fact that the implementation of Privacy by Design principles into the final solution, ensure the measures will not suffer greatly in the face of new legislations to come. Moreover, the iterative character of the service will ensure that the solution and the service offered will evolve together with OAM Consult’s client and end-users.